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Serenity, Energy and Integrity
SerniGy Global was created for a simple reason - Because it had to be created. Picture a world where your every day items didn't exist - toothpaste, towels, hairbrush - you name it! Clearly these things exist because there is a NEED and a DEMAND for such items - thus, they were created. In comes SereniGy. Integrity

When was the last time you got involved with a company founded on Integrity? Many, many companies lack this highly regarded quality. With Integrity, the foundation of our day to day dealings are brought forth. Put your good foot forward and you will get an equal reward.

Ganoderma Lucidum Tied with strong company standards, SereniGy uses cutting edge products, services, marketing, research and sound business development to bring the Miracle of Organic Ganoderma to the world. As a company, SereniGy uses a simple approach to help the average person create an income that far surpasses most expectations. By utilizing a necesity, Coffee (and other similar beverages such as Tea, Hot Chocolate and Mocha), SereniGy ties in the "King of Herbs" Organic Ganoderma into every cup. This tasteless and odorless herb brings wonders to the body, bringing the human body back to balance.

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SereniGy's Executive Team is in position as SereniGy Global rides the coaster to a leading position in the direct sales industry. Jumping on board and following the example of a solid team is a great way to position yourself at the top with SereniGy. Combining the product, pay plan, and training, SereniGy brings the products and tools you need to your house to help you achieve this position.

To pull forward with momentum in this industry - SereniGy has taken a highly consumable product, Coffee (in fact - Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world), and combined it with health - Organic Ganoderma. Dollar SignBased out of South Florida, SereniGy combines Serenity, Energy and Integrity - along with 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma - to your cup of choice.

The proper attitude is what will propel you in this industry. Set your goals and strive for them. We encourage all who are ready to take a stand for doing business the right way to join SereniGy in their upward movement in the market.
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