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SereniGy's Gourmet Black Coffee is finally on the market! If you appreciate a smooth black coffee taste and aroma, look no further, this is your cup. Packed with 100% arabica beans, and 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma, it is hard to find anything better. Like your coffee? Like your health? This blend is for you.
SereniGy's Gourmet Latte coffee blend takes the highest quality creamer and sugar and mixes it in with the smooth tasting black coffee created by your very own - SereniGy. If you're a fan of latte, this is the cup for you. Mixed in is the world's greatest herb - Organic Ganoderma. This tasteless and odorless herb will bring to the coffee what none others have, all with providing a great taste. Go ahead and try some today!
Welcome to the experience of Mocha. For those that might wonder what Mocha actually is - it is a blend of cocoa and black coffee, usually sweetened to give a delicious taste. That is exactly what you have here. Commonly referred to as a blend of hot chocolate and coffee, SereniGy's Mocha flavored beverage falls nothing short of this perfect description. A sweetened coca blend that brings a desert taste to your favorite cup of coffee, all while including that all important ingredient - Organic Ganoderma!
How much is there to say about Hot Chocolate? Well with SereniGy's Gourmet Hot Chocolate - there is more to taste than there is to say! Not to mention the magical king of herbs - Organic Ganoderma - being blended into each cup. With the herb being tasteless and odorless, you or your kids can only help but focus on the reach creamy taste of SereniGy's proprietary blend of flavors using the finest cocoa available. Good to drink at any time - day or night!
SereniGy's Organic Green Tea is just that - 100% USDA Certified Organic Green Tea. Additionally, 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma is infused into the drink, making it a healthier alternative to drinking coffee. SereniGy has a proprietary blend that it uses for this beverage so it can't really be described - only tried! If you're a Green Tea fan, don't miss out on this health in a cup solution.
SereniGy's Organic Rooibos Tea is a naturally harvested herb grown in the high regions of South Africa. This is a delicious naturally caffeine-free beverage with a lot to offer. Taste and health in a cup that you can only get from one source - SereniGy. Try your cup of Organic Rooibos Tea today!
Gourmet Chai Tea containing 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma. What this Gourmet Chai Tea by SereniGy boils down to is this - your Organic Rooibos Tea with some cream and sweeteners mixed in. This means you achieve your naturally caffeine-free beverage while kicking in some extra taste. SereniGy's Gourmet Chai Tea provides a rich and exotic taste that will surpass all expectations.
A self descriptive product - Ganoderma Essential - is just that. The essential components of Ganoderma put into capsule form. This aids those not looking for a hot drink but wish to benefit from the excellent support of Ganoderma to the body's system, and for those who want that extra level of intake. Each capsule contains 300mg of the wonderful herb Organic Ganoderma. While this herb is found in all of SereniGy's excellent products, this is your concentrated solution right here.
- 30 Sachets -
Only: $27
- 20 Sachets -
Only: $27
- 15 Sachets -
Only: $29
- 15 Sachets -
Only: $29
- 25 Tea Bags -
Only: $33
- 25 Tea Bags -
Only: $33
- 15 Sachets -
Only: $35
- 90 Capsules -
Only: $59
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